Songs for classroom management

I love using music in the classroom, as a way to set a mood, to reinforce behaviour expectations or as a way to use transition time so it isn’t wasted (e.g. times tables song, etc).

Music can be useful for introducing new material, reinforcing through repetition and rhythm or for revision of something we used to know.

Short chants or ditties can be slotted in between longer activities as a brain break or a way for auditory or kinaesthetic learners to access the learning in a way that is more meaningful to them. In fact, lots of studies show that we process information more readily when it is presented through more than one channel at a time e.g. picture and text – why not add sound as well?

In my nursery classroom last year we loved Super Simple Songs

I used the Please Sit Down song to transition to the carpet for a story or quiet time.

We also used the clean up song for tidy-up time; it was really useful as the children knew exactly how long they had to get ready and sang along at the same time.

I ended up buying all the CDs and continue to recommend them. A few of our other favourites were: Open, Shut them, The Pinocchio, Walking in the Jungle and One Little Finger.

Have Fun Teaching also have some great songs for promoting positive behaviour. A few years ago we used their Friend song across the 3-8 age range in our school.

Recently I discovered Heidi Songs

While I haven’t used any of these in the classroom yet I like the way they focus on some common problem areas in most primary classrooms e.g. telling tales, interrupting.

What do you think?

Do you have any songs you use for classroom management?

Please share below and let me know!


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