Counting in various languages

Learning how to count can be a challenge in any language so why not reinforce mathematical skills through a foreign language?

These songs are catchy so should stick in your mind!

Some videos with numbers in various languages

English, Spanish, French and Japanese in this video

The next video is also in Japanese but includes the counters for counting objects e.g. one person is not ichi-nin but hitori

I really like this Korean video although it only covers one of the two number systems used in Korea, the Sino-Korean system derived from Chinese (I will make a separate post about these two systems soon)

This is a popular TV show for children – kind of like Sesame Street – in Korean.

Some downloadable flashcards and resources

paperzip numbers

Downloadable for free from Paperzip

twinkl flashcards

Downloadable from Twinkl (login required)

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