Korean through music – Stand up by J-Min (일어나)

Stand up by J-min

This song is the main theme for a popular Korean series, To the Beautiful You, which I have been watching recently.


As well as being very catchy it is also quite easy to understand so I would like to use it as a focus for learning some new Korean words.

Watch the video complete with hangeul, romanization and translation below:

Watch the original music video here:

I encountered a few problems with pulling words out of the songs – some I know from hearing them in lots of other songs but did not appear as the most common translation in the dictionary (e.g. himdeureo – hard/difficult) while other words change their endings depending on where they are in the sentence due to Korean particles.

The title of the song also came up in most dictionaries as ‘Wake up’ rather than ‘Stand up’ ….will come back to this when my Korean is a bit better!

Despite these issues,  here are a few words you might be able to pick  out and which you will almost certainly hear in other Korean songs.



(Apologies for any errors – please let me know if you spot any!)

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