Korean writing – Syllables and final consonants

Lesson 4 of 4 in the first week of the First Step Korean course with Yonsei University and Coursera. I feel like, between this and the TTMIK lessons, I have made quite a good start to learning Korean. However, I do feel that it will be a while before everything that I have learned this week actually sticks in my memory, especially the vocabulary.

How are you doing so far? Can you read most of the hangeul?

In the final lecture of Week 1 the teacher introduced some double consonants and final consonants. Many of the double consonants change in pronunciation, but that will be dealt with in more detail in future lessons.

Hangeul letters can combine to make syllables in one of four different ways, shown below:

1 Vowels

When you just want a vowel sound the vowel is combined with the -ng letter which is silent when placed next to a vowel – so the combination above would be read ‘ah’2 con-vow

The next common combination is a consonant, plus a vowel – above is ka3 cvc

The example above shows the combination of a consonant, vowel and another consonant. When the -ng symbol appears at the end of a word it is pronounced -ng so the word above is kang,meaning river and also a common family name.3 cvc2

A second example of a CVC combination is seen above, meaning money – tun4 cvcc

A final possible combination is seen above with a double consonant at the end of the word. The teacher also cautioned pupils to be careful about writing the hangeul – follow the rules below!how towrite

Now, let’s have a look at some final consonants.

final kntrlmpng

Now try reading some of the words in the slideshow below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After that you can try writing them:


I still haven’t learned even a fraction of the vocabulary from these lessons but I plan to write them all down in my notebook to practice getting comfortable with reading and writing hangeul.

Onward and upward to Week 2!





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  1. Yeah, it looks like a good course. Keep it up the good work!


    1. Thank you! I have fallen a bit behind over the last week as work has been really busy but hoping to catch up this weekend and continue posting useful resources.

      Liked by 1 person

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