Korean: Basic Conversation Part 2 – Nationalities

Week 2, Lecture 2 of 4 and feel like we’re packing a lot into each short lesson. This lesson is all about asking and answering questions about your nationality.

If Japan, China and Vietnam are anything to go by, this is one of the first questions you might be asked as a foreigner in Korea. For anyone who has been to Korea, is that true?


The picture below shows how the pronunciation changes – this is something I think (hope!) will come naturally after listening to the conversations and vocabulary being used in context.002 combined sounds

Some more vocabulary for today’s lesson:003004005006007

Practice reading the names and then asking them ‘Where are you from? (literally you are which country’s person?


Now try answering the question with the countries below:

Try reading the names of some other countries in the slideshow below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

additional vocabulary

Fresh Korean has a nice set of flashcards for various countries available for free here.

Korean world map from Sydney to Seoul

Leave a comment below telling me where you’re from in Korean.


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