Multilingual flashcard: Bee

Day 43 of multilingual flashcards and was please to see so many bees about when I went for a walk through the park the other day – honey bees and bumble bees!

Bee populations are declining all over the UK due to a number of factors such as changes in land use (fewer wildflowers), use of pesticides and air pollution. They play an important role in pollinating numerous species and losing bees could have a massive effect on the UK economy and food industry.

Beekeeping is a hobby of mine and I did my first level of qualifications last summer. I was shocked when I asked for directions to the training hives only to be asked for complete secrecy due to so many hives being stolen or set on fire in deliberate acts of vandalism.  A hive does represent a significant investment but I find it sad that arson attacks are so common that we were given tips about placing our hives well out of sight. Yet another setback fro bee populations in the U.K…

multilingual flashcards updated bee

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  1. BeeNuts says:

    Hi Christina, don’t despair – it’s not all bad news. If you read the Status and Trends in European Pollinators report (STEP) you see that generalist bumble bees aren’t doing too badly (from memory 28% of pollinator species increasing, most stable, worrying chunk in decline). Honey bees are fine – numbers rising over last 10 years. The National Pollinator Strategy report on testing and monitoring also gives a lot of info (link below) and you’ll find beans do fine without pollinators, apple setting modest gain, OSR bigger gain. Most strawberries, tomatoes etc grown in poly-tunnels with commercially supplied bumble bees doing the grunt work.
    This is not to suggest complacency – I just didn’t want you to despair too much. Sorry to read about hive vandelism.

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    1. Thanks! That is really good news! My first introduction to beekeeping was a few years ago when the beekeeper lamented the decline in honeybees, then at a course just last summer we were warned about the increasing threat of vandalism. But it’s good to know that the news isn’t all negative! Thank you 🙂


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