Multilingual flashcard: Orange

Multilingual flashcards Day 52 – Orange in 9 languages.

In my previous school we tried to go fruit-picking/ vegetable digging at least once a term to teach the children where their food came from. Each class also looked after a vegetable patch outdoors and picked, prepared and ate the food grown there. I found it tough at first always eating with the kids rather than having a lunch break, but I soon grew to really love that part of the day where we sat down together and chatted about anything and everything.

We lived in an area of China producing, appropriately enough, mandarin oranges and the smell of the trees when they flowered was incredible.

Ah, nostalgia!

multilingual flashcards updated orange



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  1. Ah, I love that smell. We used to have an orange tree at my last house. When it bloomed it was awesome.


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