Korean: Top 25 phrases

Learn the top 25 phrases you need to know in Korean with Koreanclass 101 – you will definitely hear these if you watch any Korean TV and just a few phrases can get you started towards sounding more natural when you speak Korean.

I screencapped the phrases from the video for a quick reference when revising or for creating flashcards. I am finding it really useful just seeing the hangeul and practising reading it alongside listening to the audio; it is tempting to write a rough pronunciation in romanized letters but I want to get sued to reading and writing hangeul as soon as possible.

Have a go at reading and reviewing the phrases below:

top25 1top25 2top25 3top25 4top25 5top25 6top25 7top25 8top25 9top25 10top25 11top25 12top25 13top25 14top25 15top25 16top25 17top25 18top25 19top25 20top25 21top25 22top25 23top25 24top25 25top25 25a

How was it? Could you read them all? Were there any new phrases for you?

Despite being quite new to Korean I knew most of these phrases already but it is great to review and be able to use them automatically. ‘Wait a moment’ ‘Have a nice day’ and ‘Long time, no see’ were new for me so need to remember them for next time!

Thanks to Koreanclass101 for the video!


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  1. Ah, I love this video. I just watched one for the top 25 Cantonese phrases (I’m about to post it). It’s from Cantoneseclass101…love these 101 sites.

    “Please give me a discount” “Long time no see” and “Have a good journey” were new for me!


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