Multilingual flashcard: Broccoli

Multilingual flashcard Number 61 and my favourite food of all time – broccoli!

I find it funny how broccoli seems to be a disliked vegetable by most people (or at least children) in the U.K. It was even used in the TES this week as a tool to explain the power of ‘positive framing’ in behaviour management.

broccoli behaviourPerhaps that is why I have always loved broccoli – because everyone in my family loves broccoli and it was always the most desired vegetable at dinner time. The power of ‘positive framing’ in action – if everyone else likes it then you will too! (clearly this is a massive over-simplification but you get the point…)

I also find it interesting which vegetables/other foods are seen as undesirable by children in different countries. For example, among Japanese children carrots are generally seen as the worst vegetable while in the UK they tend to be quite popular with children due to their sweetness.

Which vegetable is disliked by children in your country? And which vegetable did you dislike when you were a kid?

To this day I can’t see the point of celery and will only eat asparagus if presented with it on a plate…but I could eat broccoli all day, every day!

So, without further ado, here is my favourite food in 9 languages:

multilingual flashcards broccoli



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