German: Top 25 phrases

Learn the top 25 most useful phrases in German!

I am just starting out in German so don’t know much yet but I found the Top 25 phrases in Korean really useful so thought this might be a nice place to start with learning some language I can use straightaway.

I have screencapped the phrases below, along with some of the expansions or examples she gave when explaining their usage. Hope this is useful for anyone else just starting out learning German!

As always, thanks to Germanpod 101 who have tonnes to podcasts and videos to help with learning German.


She explained that Bis gleich is usually used when you mean 5 or 10 minutes later, whereas Bis spater could be later the same day or later that week.


She mentioned that Kein Problem can also be shortened to KP in text messages.


I knew very few of these phrases before watching the video but am going to try to memorize them so I can use them when I next visit Austria!

What did you think – were there any phrases you didn’t know?



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