Counting in Korean

There are two number systems in use in Korean – the Sino-Korean system derived from Chinese and the native Korean system. Both are used in specific situations and are often not interchangeable.

the numbers on the left are the Native Korean numbers while those on the right are the Sino-Korean numbers.

korean numbers2

There are some catchy Korean songs for children which can help you to remember the numbers – have a listen below!

The two videos below from the Koreanpod101 team are also excellent introductions to the two different number systems and when to use them.

The following video is an excerpt from a TV show for Korean kids (you can see more on youtube if you like) which is a little similar to Sesame Street as it teaches children how to count, the alphabet,etc.

I also found this nice review of numbers – this channel seems like it has a lot of good learningmaterials so I will be checking out more of her videos from now on.

And finally, this song is very popular – you may even have already seen it in a Korean drama or performed by celebrities on a variety show. If you are able to perform this it will certainly give your Korean friends a surprise!

Make sure you remember all you need to know about numbers with this cool infographic from Dom&Hyo



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