Korean: Family Part 2


See Family Part 1 here

Let’s continue learning how to talk about your family in Korean, as well as adding some new grammar rules.


Just a note on the pronunciation – as mentioned in Part 1, the pronunciation of is-a-yo becomes is-sa-yo. When a double consonant ends a syllable as in ops-a-yo, the pronunciation changes to op-sa-yo.


Let’s learn some new vocabulary to do with family:003004005006

And our new grammar pattern for today is to, which means also or as well e.g. Do you also have an older brother?


Try reading the following sentences – can you remember which members of the family are being mentioned?

(Answers: big brother, little brother, big sister (when you are male) and daughter)

Now let’s look at how to answer this question:


If you want to emphasize which siblings you have you can use un or nun to add this emphasis. E.g. I don’t have a younger brother but I do have an older brother.


As with other particles, the particle you use depends on if there is a final consonant or not e.g. oppa ends in a vowel sound so would be followed by nun, dal ends in a consonant sound so would be followed by un.


Click through the slideshow below to test yourself by choosing nun or un to complete each sentence (answers shown highlighted in red on every second slide)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are a few more examples showing how to use un and nun to make a sontrasting sentence.

And two new family members you may want to include when talking about your family:

Finally, let’s do a quick review of all of the members of the family we have learned so far – could you remember them all?


Hope these lesson notes have been useful for you in learning Korean – see you soon for Part 3!



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