Yet another free Korean course!

When I first started studying languages it wasn’t easy to find a range of authentic learning materials.

For Italian, I was stuck with a pretty dry textbook and copies of the exam syllabus…until I made it to a bookshop in Rome where I spent almost all of the money I had scraped together for the school trip on reading materials – comics, novels, history books, etc.

When I later started studying Japanese we had the internet but it was difficult to know where to begin and I only gradually began to put together a collection of resources I could use to study, now including audiobooks and TV and radio dramas.

Now, there are so many resources out there that there is no excuse not to start studying another language.

(This does, however, throw up the opposite problem where potential learners ‘resource hoard’ rather than getting stuck into studying – I will look at this and finding a language-learning routine that suits you in another post).

Earlier this year I posted about some free online courses for studying other languages, and continue to add these to the language resource pages on this blog. My current main project is Korean, with a little German on the side. I am also aiming to keep my Japanese, Chinese and Italian in practice.

Yonsei University have produced two free online courses to help people get started with Korean – the first is called First Step Korean and the second is Learn to Speak Korean 1 (which makes me hopeful for a part 2!)

I completed First Step Korean and blogged about my progress – this was a great introduction to hangeul and basic conversation.

I have also been listening to podcasts from TTMIK (Talk to Me in Korean) each day while doing the washing up which has been really useful.

Alongside using a Korean textbook (more details in another post) I am planning to do this next MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) with Yonsei university and will post any notes or useful vocabulary. One fun point is that the translations are provided in English, Japanese and Chinese so I can revise the languages I already know while learning Korean.


The course is free so why not join me?

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