Cool (FREE!) Astronomy resources from NASA

Some of you may have seen these already so apologies if you have but I got stupidly excited when I found these. Earlier in the year I was actually planning to buy an Astronomy magazine, simply to get some postcards with these designs…then I stumbled upon the official page on the NASA website where you can download hi-resolution pdfs for free!

My book corner this year is space-themed, as so many of the children indicated on transition day that this is something they are interested in  I will post pictures of what is looks like when it is finished!

These vintage-style space tourism posters will definitely be making an appearance.

nasa posters

Click here to learn more about the posters and click here to download all the posters in pdf form.

I did a bit more digging to see if there were any other resources adn was delighted to find that there are. There are also some other cool posters, in the same vintage travel poster style, this time attempting to recruit workers for a colonization of Mars.

Love, love, love these for creative writing prompts, role plays, etc…

Click here to download the posters above and more.

Then I searched on the NASA website thinking, “Surely they must have some infographics or photos of space…” and found a whole page dedicated to posters, infographics, bookmarks, postcards etc on a wide variety of topics, including weather, the solar system, stars and space technology.

Click here to see the full range of downloadable resources, update your science resources and get your pupils excited about Science!




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