Multilingual Days of the Week

I love this catchy song (to the tune of the Addams Family) to help children remember the days of the week. The added bonus of the words showing on screen can also help to reinforce the correct spelling of each day, something many children struggle with.

Why not learn the days of the week in some other languages too?

Here is French:

Here is Italian:

And German:

Find Spanish below:

Here is Japanese:

And another, perhaps for those with a slightly higher level of Japanese as it gives a little story for each day (e.g. Monday is smiling Mr Moon, etc)

This is a song in Chinese where all the days of the week are numbers except for Sunday which is xingqitian. The lyrics of the song are:’Monday, Monday, today is Monday’, then the ‘numbers 1 to 7’ and ‘one week has 7 days’

Days of the week in Polish:

Hope you enjoyed learning the days of the week in lots of different languages. Even if you are not currently teaching all of these languages in your classroom or learning all of these languages, songs like these help us to learn almost effortlessly, improve linguistic awareness and help international awareness and sensitivity.

Has anyone found a days of the week song for some minority or endangered languages?

In particular I am searching for Irish language resources for teaching kids but I would love to hear about resources in other endangered languages too!

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