Roald Dahl themed Maths Resources for Book Week

So next week is Book Week and a lot of schools are building the theme for their week around Roald Dahl as this year marks 100 years since he was born. Kids love Roald Dahl, generally because of his irreverence, bizarre storylines and grotesque characters. As an adult I have to admit that his stories and rhymes (Revolting Rhymes anyone?) hold a special place in my heart. I also love, as a teacher, rediscovering him through the eyes of the children I teach.

There are some commercial resources out there already, for example these KS1 and KS2 Maths Challenge Cards from Twinkl.

There is also a selection of brilliant lesson plans from the official Roald Dahl website covering most topics from literacy to numeracy and everything in between.

I have spent a large part of this weekend creating some resources for my Year 3 mathematicians, using Roald Dahl books as my inspiration. I have also linked them to the things we are currently working on – recapping place value, sequencing numbers between 0 and 1000 and adding and subtracting three-digit numbers together. All the documents are editable so you can adjust them for your pupils.

Please let me know if any of the resources are useful and I would welcome a link back to my blog if you do use them. Thanks!

For each lesson I use a selection of the Roald Dahl-themed Twinkl Maths challenge cards to get the children thinking and talking.

Activity 1: Sequencing numbers 0-1000 with The Twits


Carousel with a set of numbers for each bird at 5 stations – give the children ~4 minutes at each to sequence the numbers and work out which day is the best for catching that type of bird.

At the end, add the numbers together to figure out which day is the best. I also challenge the children as to which day they might tell Mr and Mrs Twit if they did not want them to catch as many birds, etc.

Sequencing cards for each station

Table with totals (answers)

Recording sheet for children

Activity 2: Addition of 2 and 3-digit numbers with Mrs Trunchbull


I introduce this activity by reading the children a description of Mrs Trunchbull, getting them to show by their body language how they think she might move or behave. I then give them the addition and subtraction problems after modelling how they might be solved. In my class some children will be using concrete resources while others use partitioning, compensation or numberless number lines. I encourage them to use any method that they feel comfortable with. The context is that they need to complete the problems or Ms Trunchbull might make them scrub the playground clean!

Description of Mrs Trunchbull

Trunchbull’s maths problems

Activity 3: Carousel of addition of 3-digit numbers with Roald Dahl characters

I put one problem on each table and have the children circulate around, spending ~4-5 minutes on each problem and writing down the solution in their books. There are two carousels, one for addition problems and one for subtraction.

Addition word problems

Activity 4: Carousel of subtraction of 3-digit numbers with Roald Dahl characters


Subtraction word problems

I hope these activities are useful for you in planning your Book Week maths classes! Please let me know if you have any feedback

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