Multilingual flashcard: Comet

Multilingual flashcard 98 – Comet in 10 languages

Why not combine some Science with language learning?

multilingual flashcards comet

A comet is a small Solar System body made (mostly) of ice that, when nearing the sun, warms and produces gases, thus producing the visible tail of a comet.

As of 2014, there are 5253 known comets which will, by now, have increased as more are constantly being discovered. Some estimates put the potential number of comets at over one trillion (Source: Wikipedia)

The name comes from the Latin cometa, a Latinization of an earlier Greek term meaning ‘wearing long hair’. The literal meaning is a long-haired star.

There are a number of other small bodies in our Solar System, all with distinct characteristics – have a look at the infographics below to tell the difference.

meteor 527890_261750397292980_500133553_nmeteors tumblr_nl0rxuEmFu1upjgz7o1_400

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