Korean: TTMIK Level 1 Test Dialogue

Now you have completed the Level 1 podcasts from Talk to Me in Korean, here’s your chance to test yourself and see how much progress you have made since starting to learn this new language. (If you need a quick review, check out the other posts from Level 1 here, here, here and here)

The transcript and translation are below the podcast but I recommend trying to listen first before peeking! You will probably surprise yourself with how much you already understand!

After listening to it once, why not try reading through the transcript while listening to the dialogue again?

I find that I am still not fast enough reading the hangeul, but looking at the characters while listening to the words being spoken is really helping me to consolidate the hangeul and improve my reading speed, as well as allowing me to become more familiar with common words and gradually reading them straightaway rather than sounding out each syllable.


Now check out the vocabulary list below and listen to the dialogue again.

How much of it can you understand?


Congratulations, once again, on completing Level 1 of the free Korean course offered on TTMIK (Talk to Me in Korean). I hope that these revision posts and lesson reviews have helped you along your language learning journey.

Now, onward to Level 2!

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