Multilingual flashcard: Once upon a time…

Multilingual flashcard 146 – Once upon a time…

The words that have started millions of tales all over the world. I used to listen to audiobooks of fairytales at bedtime when I was younger (my parents both worked so I often fell asleep before they made it home).  During the day I spent hours with my mum reading fairytales from the Andrew Lang fairytale books. To this day I love fairytales and love the spell these words create.

multilingual flashcards once upon a time

The direct translation of these words in multiple languages is not always exactly the same as ‘Once upon a time’ but I imagine they are similarly familiar to millions of readers.

Chinese, Japanese and Irish translate as ‘Long, long ago…’

Italian, German, Polish, French and Spanish translate as ‘There was a time…’

Korean translates as a combination of the two ‘Long ago, there was a time…’

What is your favourite story beginning with those magical words, once upon a time?


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