Multilingual flashcard: Dragonfly

Multilingual flashcard – Dragonfly in 10 languages.

To me dragonflies are one of the symbols of summer. I associate them with long, hot, summer days, playing by the sea or in the lake near my home.

Did you know that fossils of giant dragonflies (with wing spans of around 30 inches / 75 cm) have been found from around 325 million years ago?

There are around 3000 species of dragonflies around the world, but their population is in decline in many areas because of the destruction of their wetland habitat.

This is word I learning in Japanese when working as a Japanese kindergarten teacher – clouds of dragonflies (the official collective noun in ‘cluster’ but I prefer a bit of poetic license) would descend on our playground around the end of Summer/ beginning of Autumn. The children were fascinated by them (as they were with most insects!) so the beginning of our second term was often punctuated by the children shouting ‘Tonbo! Tonbo!’ and racing around the playground after them.

multilingual flashcards dragonfly

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