Multilingual flashcard: Yoga

Multilingual flashcard – Yoga in 10 languages. As with many names, yoga does not actually change that much, even in ten different languages.

multilingual flashcards yoga

Do you do yoga?

I know that there are lots of different types and routines, but I tend to do 2-3 routines most days of the week.

I try to do the traditional sun salutation most mornings, though will admit I have fallen off the bandwagon slightly recently…

The routine below is my favourite – I usually do this one after work on weekdays and in the morning on the weekends. I like this teacher because she is an ex-Olympic gymnast so is very flexible. I also find that her stretches really work for me as I am an ex-gymnast and therefore really like deep stretches for the back and shoulders. This routine also includes some strength exercises such as press-ups and plank so I usually break a sweat, but finish feeling stretched and relaxed.

I sometimes do this one before bed, or just do a few breathing exercises.

How about you? Have you tried any of these routines?

Have you any recommendations for routines to try?

Let me know in the comments!


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