Multilingual flashcard: Puffin

Have you ever spotted one of these colourful birds? Puffin in 10 languages with another multilingual flashcard.

multilingual flashcards puffin

I love that they are auks of the Fratercula genus – with the name Fratercula, meaning ‘little brother’ coming from the fact that their plumage looks a little like monastic robes.

Puffins nest in a number of sea colonies off the coast of Ireland and my father and I have made several trips hoping to spot them close-up. The first year we visited we were too late as they had just left. The next year we went a little earlier and managed to see a few arriving, but just missed the main arrival of the burrow/colony! Better luck next year perhaps! We did manage to see lots of other seabirds so still had an interesting trip.

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  1. I would love to go there and try to spot puffins! I just want to go to Ireland period!

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    1. Come and visit sometime – I can’t guarantee puffins as I haven’t had much luck getting close to them, but I can show you some beautiful places 🙂

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      1. I would love to visit in the future! I want to see historical sites and beautiful landscapes like those pictures!! ❤ Hopefully my husband and I can start saving now that our house sold 🙂

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      2. The good thing about Ireland is that it’s very compact so you can see a lot in a small area. Bad thing is that you get all four seasons in a day! Good luck saving up to visit!

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      3. I would love that and I think I would be okay with all 4 seasons in one day, lol. It’s better than AZ where its hot all the time!! Even during winter I never needed a jacket. And thanks! ❤

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