Multilingual flashcard: Seal

Seal in 10 languages with another marine-themed multilingual flashcard. In researching for this flashcard I learned that seals should really be called pinniped (from the Latin pinna for fin and pedis for foot). Had you heard that before?

I also learned that their closest relatives are bears and red pandas! Turns out there’s a lot I didn’t know about seals!

multilingual flashcards seal

In Ireland seals hold an important place in mythology, particularly in stories of selkies – usually women who take off their sealskin, then are forced to stay with the human (usually man) who steals their skin. If they find their skin they disappear back to the sea.

There are around 30 species of seals around the world and they appear in other mythological stories too. They are believed by some to be the origin of the legends of mermaids because of their habit of sunbathing on exposed rocks. In many Irish stories the term for selkie and mermaid is interchangeable – maighdean mhara.

Did you learn a few interesting facts about seals? I certainly did!

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