Multilingual flashcard: Mulan

Mulan in 10 languages with another multilingual flashcard themed around fairytales and Disney.

Mulan has always been a favourite of mine – I loved the original story when I first read it in a book of fairytales from around the world when I was a child, and enjoyed the movie too. I have heard that it will be getting the live-action treatment soon so will look forward to that!

In the original Chinese legend Mulan served in the military in her father’s place for 12 years, after which she refused military honours and returned home. One thing I liked about the version I read (there are many!) was that she was already a skilled fighter, having trained in archery, hand-to-hand fighting and swordfighting.

multilingual flashcards mulan

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What do you think of Mulan? Do you have a favourite Disney character?

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