Book Review: The Dream Dragon

dreamdragon cover

The Dream Dragon

Written by Kathryn England

Illustrated by Valeria Issa

32 pages

Published by Xist Publishing

Age range: 5 +

Publication date: 1st July 2017

Summary: (from Goodreads)

A dragon protects a child’s dreams from nightmares in this picture book perfect for bedtime. Bedtime stories inspires a series of dream protectors for a little boy. The dream dragon keeps the nightmares away and is joined by dinosaurs, pirates, super heroes and more in the quest to keep nighttime safe.


Dream Dragon wanted to be the main dream, the one that would be remembered in the morning.

He knew that other dreams would try to take his place.

As soon as they appeared, he pounced.

As quick as a heartbeat.

As sudden as a sneeze.

This is an original, interesting book about the strange creatures that populate our dreams. I initially felt that the Dream Dragon was quite scary (judge your children for this!), but felt quite sorry for him when he was replaced by the T-Rex. I liked how it drew parallels between our waking interests and what shows up in our dreams and the message it sends to children that dreams are only dreams – they can be fun or scary, but they melt away when you wake up.

Dream Dragon fought long.

Dream Dragon fought hard.

But the new dream was too strong.

It roared a great roar of victory as Dream Dragon limped to the edge of the boy’s mind where it faded then disappeared.


What I liked: Original idea, could be useful to discuss with children – dreams feel so real at the time but they are nothing to be scared of.

Even better if: Feel that the drawing of the dragon could be scary for some more sensitive children.

How you could use it in your classroom: Discuss the differences between dreams and reality and how things make sense in dreams but stop making sense when you wake up. This would probably be better as a bedtime book at home, but could be tied into a writing topic about fantasy and creative writing.


(Thank you to Netgalley and Xist Publishing for my review copy)


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