Book Review: The Tiny Tale of Little Pea


The Tiny Tale of Little Pea

Written by Davide Cali

Illustrated by Sébastien Mourrain

36 pages

Published by Kids Can Press

Publication date: 5th September 2017

Age range: 3 +


Summary (from Goodreads):

When he was born, Little Pea was tiny. Teeny-tiny.

His clothes were hand sewn by his mother and his shoes were hand-me-down doll shoes. As he grew older, Little Pea enjoyed climbing tomato plants, driving around in his wind-up car and riding on the backs of grasshoppers. But then Little Pea started school. And he suddenly realized just how small he was. Too small for his chair. Too small to play the flute. Too small for gym class. What would become of wee Little Pea?


Sometimes he would float on a lily pad, where he would daydream and marvel at the size of the universe.

It wasn’t until Little Pea started school that he realized he was too small.

This is an adorable picture book with an important message for children about respecting differences and believing in yourself – everyone has a niche just for them, you just have to find it! The story follows Little Pea as he grows up (but not very much) and faces various challenges because of his size. Yet, there is one thing he can do better than anyone else…

As a child I was always the smallest in my class and loved the story Thumbelina. My mother often said ‘The best things come in small packages’ and ‘Mini but mighty’ when I struggled with others teasing me because of my size or to reach things on high shelves without humiliation (that is still a struggle…). Then I found gymnastics, a sport where being tiny was an advantage and have never looked back (though I do sometimes look around for tall people when I want something on the top shelf in a supermarket).

Books promoting messages of diversity and equality are always valuable and I am happy to add this to my reading list for my class – even us little ones have a voice, a dream and a unique skill!

Poor Little Pea. What will become of him? his teacher wondered.

One can never be too small to be a GREAT artist!


What I liked: The style of the illustrations and the positive message that we can all achieve something amazing, regardless of our size, shape or colour.

Even better if: I would have loved to hear more from other people in Little Pea’s life – did he make friends? Did his parents struggle? What changes were made in school for him to go there? (typical teacher thought)

How you could use it in your classroom: Discuss what we have in common and what makes us different, discuss how some people may have more obstacles to overcome than others on the path to success. Talk about the jobs Little Pea could do and what did we assume (e.g. Did we immediately assume he couldn’t do some jobs because of his size?)

(Thank you to Netgalley and Kids Can Press for my review copy)

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Thanks for reading!

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