Multilingual flashcard: The Order of the Phoenix

Multilingual flashcard – The Order of the Phoenix in 10 languages.

multilingual flashcards order of phoenix

There was a long wait for this book – I reread the first four books again twice while waiting for this to come out. When it did come out, I felt like I had missed something. My impression was that the characters had obviously grown up a bit more in J.K. Rowling’s head than in mine. In my head, the gap between the fourth and fifth book was only the summer holiday, but due to the book taking nearly two years to come out it seemed as if the characters had grown up more than they would have done in a single summer.

Did anyone else feel that way?

This book not only had more adults getting involved in the fight against Voldemort but the tensions between protecting the children and acknowledging that they were already a big part of the fight and had already been endangered. It also saw the first real introduction of love interests, despite hints in earlier books. After the ending of the fourth book, it continues this dark theme with Dolores Umbridge and her torture of Harry.

Would you have been in the Order of the Phoenix? Or Dumbledore’s Army?

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