Book Review: Max and Bird

max cover

Max and Bird

Written and illustrated by Ed Vere

Published by Puffin

32 pages

Publication date: 1st September 2017

Age range: 2 +

Summary (from Goodreads):

Meet Max – the mighty kitten and New York Times bestseller.

When Max meets Bird, Max thinks he’d like to be friends with Bird. He would also like to chase Bird and maybe eat him as a tasty snack.

But that’s not what friendship is all about . . . Is it?

“Oh”, said Max. “But it’s rule of nature. Birds get chased by kittens.”

“But friends don’t eat each other up!” said Bird.

“Hmm”, said Max. “We need to think about this.”

This is the third outing for Max but the first I have seen – will be looking out for the others now! This is an adorable picture book with effective, colourful illustrations which show a wide range of emotions through simple changes. An unlikely friendship is formed between a kitten and a bird when the bird challenges the kitten’s assumption that birds are there to be chased and eaten. They traipse off to the library to learn how to fly and Max realises he no longer sees Bird as just a tasty snack.

I will definitely be using this book for the beginning of the academic year with my new class to talk about how friends come in all shapes and sizes and what we need to do to be a good friend.

Bird explained the principles of friendship to Max.

“Friends have fun together and help each other out…”

If you teach me how to fly,” said Bird, “then we’ll talk about the chasing…”

What I liked: Cute, colourful art style and adorable storyline – I will be looking for others in this series now. Loved them going to the library to learn how to fly because ‘libraries know everything.’ Liked how bird got frustrated and overcame it as how Max made a list of pros and cons when deciding whether or not to eat Bird.

Even better if: I had the rest of the books already.

How you could use it in your classroom: Read it to your children/ class and discuss what makes people friends – perhaps have them come up with ther own ideas for what makes friends friends as well as predicting what Max will do at the end.

(Thank you to Netgalley and Puffin/ Sourcebooks Jabberwocky Kids for my review copy)

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