Multilingual flashcard: Stationery

Hands up if you love new stationery! Who doesn’t?

The beginning of a new academic year is the perfect time to stock up on new stationery. I have been guilty of buying much more than I need this year…and the same pretty much every other year. Some of the notebooks are just so pretty that I don’t want to muck them up by making mistakes in them…anyone else feel the same?

multilingual flashcards stationery

I was going to get my new stationery together and include a picture…but that would involve admitting just how much I have accumulated…

What new stationery did you get this year?


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  1. My favourite recent new stationery piece is an A4 purple polka dot pad! X

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    1. Sounds good! What are you planning to fill it with! My current favourites are a to-do list notepad (so I don’t make the list on a scrappy bit of paper and promptly lose it) and a set of sticky notes for marking pages – it is themed around British wildlife so has owls, foxes, hedgehogs, etc.

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      1. The sticky notes sound AMAZING! I’m not sure what to fill my new notebook with; probably something to do with blog x


  2. I love this card. I like all the colors. I haven’t gotten any new stationary recently but I loved shopping for stationary and school supplies in high school, lol!

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    1. Yes, I have to admit that getting new stationery is one of the best bits of going back to school, lol. I am always so careful on the first page of a new notebook too…

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      1. It’s kind of like shopping for books for me. Sometimes I just like to shop for stationary and school supplies because of the pretty things!! Like cover buying, haha!

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