Multilingual flashcard: Mummy

Multilingual flashcard 121 – Mummy in 10 languages

multilingual flashcards mummy

Did you know that the Ancient Egyptian mummification process could take up to 70 days? The full process could only be afforded by wealthy people, but some people were naturally mummified because of the area where they were buried.  – if it was very dry it could replicate the process of mummification where all moisture was removed from the body.

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  1. The idea of mummies give me the creeps, but I love things set in Egypt! X

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    1. Me too! Do you have any recommendations for a good MG novel set in Ancient Egypt? I am planning to read ‘Who Let the Gods Out?’ during our Ancient Greek Topic but as yet undecided about what to read when we study Ancient Egypt…

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      1. I’m afraid I don’t know of anything set in ancient Egypt, but Helen Moss has a book called The Phoenix Code which is set in modern day Egypt but has lots of info about ancient Egypt too xx

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      2. I will look it up, thank you!

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