5 things I love about the book blogging community

Okay, so I have only recently joined this community and am so happy that I have – there is so much that I have been missing out on up until now!

Here are a few things I love about this community:

  1. Books, books, all the books – there is always someone available to fangirl with! I had thought I was rare in my obsession with books, but I now feel a sense of solidarity with the other book addicts when I buy another book….what book-buying ban?IMG_2360
  2. The care and dedication everyone puts into their reviews – I have read lots of books that I might not otherwise have picked up because of a thoughtfully-written review or a personal recommendation.IMG_2358
  3. Correct grammar – everyone knows how to use they’re, their and there and your and you’re correctly. It is so much more relaxing reading my bookblogging newsfeed, rather than scrolling through facebook and resisting fixing everyone’s grammar. (You know it’s true!)zombie there
  4. Newsfeeds full of positivity and enthusiasm with people sharing books that have made a difference – it makes a welcome change from the negativity in mainstream news. We could all do with some more books and positivity in our lives!
  5. Book photos, book hauls and more books. (Did I say this one already? Really?)More books are always a good thing (if you are out of room you just need more bookshelves) so people sharing this love can only be a good thing!

    I am privileged to be a member of the book-blogging community and already feel like I have met so many kindred spirits. I look forward to logging on to hear the latest book-related news and freak out over new releases!

    What is your favourite thing about the book blogging community?

    What would you add to my list?

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  1. Em @ A Pretty Lil Book Blog says:

    I’m with you on the grammar… my friends and family hate it when I correct theirs 🙈😂

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  2. I’m so glad that you did join the bookish community! I love how friendly (almost) everyone is. Can I please be the biggest nuisance ever and ask for a Boy in the Tower fangirling session? Barely anyone has read it 😭😭😭
    Amy xx

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    1. YES! I’m forcing boyfriend to read it this weekend too! Am also going to write review on my blog and try to talk more people into reading it…x

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      1. What shall we discuss 1st? X

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      2. lol, I don’t even know where to begin. I’m glad I went into reading it completely blind because there’s so much going on. The characters are all so real – love Ade!

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      3. He’s one of my favourite characters ever!! There’s just something about him. My heart breaks for him all through it x

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      4. Yes I know, you just want to give him a hug and tell him it’ll be okay!

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