Multilingual flashcard: Pumpkin

Getting close to Hallowe’en – have you carved a pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern yet? Back home in Ireland we traditionally used turnips (much tougher to carve than pumpkins!). We put one on each side of the front door (and back door if you’re really superstitious) – their job is to protect the home as the spirits that can cross into the real world cannot cross a threshold when there are jack-o-lanterns with a lit candle in each. I remember one of our (my brother and me) jobs when I was small was to check on the candles and quickly run out to light them if one of them blew out…just in case something snuck in! My grandmother told us ll the old stories and, whether she believed them or not, she followed the old traditions!



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  1. I’ve never carved a pumpkin but it looks so fun!
    Amy xx

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    1. It’s harder than it looks but great fun! Turnips are really difficult though…

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