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This is the first time I have been tagged to do a book-tag – thank you to the lovely Amy @TomeswithTea who tagged me!

1. Ebook or physical books?

Physical books are my preference but I will take any books over no books at all – for example, when I went on holiday over the summer I could only bring a limited number of physical books with me, so I made sure that I also loaded up my kindle with lots to read too!

2. Paperback or hardback?

Books in any form! I do like hardbacks because there is something special about the dust jacket and the artwork hidden underneath. However, they are quite heavy if reading in bed or commuting and paperbacks are smaller so you can fit more on the shelves…there are pros and pros to both (no cons as there’s no such thing as too many books!)

3. Online or in-store book shopping?

Think my answers might start to get a bit predictable but I love shopping for books in any way. I do particularly enjoy visiting bookshops, especially those where the books are arranged in an unusual or mixed up way – this means that you often find books through browsing that you might not otherwise have found. I know some people don’t like them but I also love

4. Trilogies or series?

I have always liked trilogies – more depth than standalones (although I do like self-contained books too sometimes, especially when we have to wait for future instalments in trilogies!) and don’t run the risk of some series which go on too long. There are some books which I wish would go on forever…

5. Heroes or villains?

I do like the anti-heroes or the reformed villains. I have a soft spot for the bad characters and often find that the villain has the most character-development. I am all about the characters and can forgive a lot if the characters are strong.

6. A book you want everyone to read?

Ooh, too many to list – maybe the underrated book below!

multilingual flashcards once upon a time

7. Recommend an underrated book?

The Reckless series by Cornelia Funke -amazing books which I get more out of with each re-reading, yet don’t seem to be that popular. Most people only seem to know Inkheart by the same author.

8. The last book you finished?

Undercover Princess by Connie Glynn and A Place Called Perfect by Helena Duggan – reviews to come!

9. The last book you bought?

The Last Namsara by Kristen Ciccarelli – I received an e-ARC from Netgalley and loved it so bought the hardback as soon as it came out!

10. Weirdest thing you’ve ever used as a bookmark?

Probably my teddy bear…hope he doesn’t mind!

11. Used books: yes or no?

Yes! I know some people don’t like them, but I can’t resist a bargain and you can get so many used books for the price of a new release. More books are always good!

12. Three favourite genres?

Fantasy, Science Fiction, YA and MG…yes I know that’s four. I can count, just can’t decide.

13. Borrow or buy?

I borrow a lot of books from my local library but then often go and buy my own copy if I really like a book.

14. Characters or plot?

Characters! Obviously plot is important too but I am willing to suspend my disbelief and scepticism for a character I love.

15. Long or short books?

Usually the longer the better!

16. Long or short chapters?

Both! I like a mixture.

multilingual flashcards fairytale

17. Name the first 3 books you think of.

Gilded Cage by Vic James, A Pocketful of Crows by Joanne Harris,

18. Books that made you laugh or cry?

Laugh- Stuck by Oliver Jeffers – this makes me laugh out loud every time I read it! The Tadpole’s Promise by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross.

Cry- Pretty much any book that is remotely emotional – in real-life I don’t cry that often but I cry all the time at books.

19. Our world or fictional worlds?

Fictional worlds! I love the Mirrorworld in the Cornelia Funke series I mentioned above.

20. Audiobooks; yes or no?

Have never really listened to them in English but do listen to audiobooks in Japanese, Chinese and Italian for language learning. I can pretty much recite the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone word-for-word in English and Japanese!

21. Do you ever judge a book by it’s cover?

I will often first be attracted to a book by the cover, or dismiss a book more quickly if the cover is not interesting or pretty. However, I have come across some books with awful covers which have been amazing and some books with beautiful covers which have been a bit mediocre.

22. Book to movie or TV adaptations?

Haven’t really seen that many but I guess TV series would be better as they have time to really get everything from the books in and even expand on the world a bit.

23. Movie/TV show you preferred to its book? 

Um…maybe the Princess Bride? The original book has pages and pages of politics before getting into the actual story.

24. Series or standalones?

Generally series, but I do occasionally like a good standalone as I want something that is complete in and of itself. I often get frustrated when I have to wait for ages between instalments in a series.

multilingual flashcards happily ever after

Thank you for reading until the end!

Consider yourself tagged if you would like to do your own answers – please add your link in the comments as I would love to read your post!



7 Comments Add yours

  1. Funnily enough, I have also just finished a Place Called Perfect and I LOVED it! What did you think? So excited for Undercover Princess; I’m off to Waterstones to collect my copy tomorrow. Characters are my number one thing too, and I’m also a big fan of used books.
    Amy xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I liked a A place called Perfect – reminded me a little of The Uncommoners, if you’ve read that? I was excited for Undercover Princess but, unfortunately, didn’t love it as much as I had been hoping…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I really like the Uncommoners too! It reminded me of Pseudonymus Bosch (albeit less quirky) and Trenton Lee Stewart, but better. I’m off to get my copy of Undercover Princess soon so am hoping I’ll enjoy x

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I have been meaning to read Pseudonymus Bosch – keep picking it up in my library because it looks like something I would enjoy! Undercover Princess has a beautiful cover and I would read the next one in the series, but there just wasn’t enough magic for me!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. The 1st book is excellent, and imo they dwindle from there! I think, in all honesty, it’d be better as a standalone. But still worth a read; very unique x

        Liked by 1 person

      4. My library has the first two I think so will maybe pick up the first one. Thanks for the recommendation!


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