Multilingual flashcard: Fireworks

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! In Britain, the 5th November is Bonfire Night when we remember Guy Fawkes’ attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Usually there are a lot of fireworks over this weekend.

multilingual flashcards fireworks

I love fireworks although I feel sorry for all the poor pet dogs and cats who are upset by them. In Northern Ireland, where I’m from, you need a license to buy fireworks and a lot of people tend to go to organized displays rather than setting them off themselves. At the other end of the spectrum is China, where I lived for four years, where everyone buys and sets off a LOT of fireworks at Chinese New Year – so much so that the air is smoky and the streets are strewn with the paper casings for days afterwards. England is somewhere in the middle!

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  1. I’m personally not a fan of fireworks, so I’m quite glad Bonfire Night is over for another year! Although there are still lots going off here tonight 😭
    Amy x


    1. Still lots going off here too! I only saw them very rarely growing up so still have that child-like wonder at the prettiness! Could do without the bangs though…

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      1. It’s the bangs that bug me. They are pretty to look at it x


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