Multilingual flashcard: Green Tea

This is an acquired taste for many, but I love it! My hot drink of choice for keeping warm in the winter, with the added bonus of lots of health benefits. Green tea has been credited with everything from helping to prevent cancer and Alzheimer’s to being a cheap breath-freshener and helping digestion. It has been used in China for many years to treat a wide range of health problems. While many of these claims are not back up by full medical trials, there is no evidence of any harm being caused – so, if you like it, no reason not to continue drinking!

multilingual flashcards green tea

I have about a million (not even that much of an exaggeration…) of green tea blends with various flavours – my favourites are green tea with tropical fruit, strawberry cupcake green tea and gingerbread green tea. Yum!

How about you – do you drink green tea?

If you do, which flavour is your favourite?

If not, what is your hot drink of choice?

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  1. Japanese Sencha green teas what I have in my cupboard.
    Strawberry Cupcake green tea sounds rather interesting.

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  2. Oo! This is a very cool thing that you’re doing, Christina. 😀 I love the idea of being able to learn other languages (and flash cards are so helpful!)

    For me it depends on the green tea. I like lots of teas, but I’ve never gotten into Japanese Green Tea. It tasted too much like seaweed for me and while I like to eat seaweed, I don’t like to drink it. :p

    What languages do you speak?

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    1. Thanks for your comment! I wanted to make the flashcards as a way to revise languages I knew and make links between languages. I also wanted to make them pretty rather than just clipart! In terms of languages, my mother tongue is English, I speak Japanese almost-bilingually, Chinese and Italian to upper-intermediate level and Korean, French and German at a beginner’s level.
      How about you?

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      1. I think that’s an awesome idea! For a while, I tried to put sticky notes all over my apartment with the different words for items like cupboard, kitchen, etc. :p The sticky notes didn’t stay very well though. Haha!

        Native language for me is English with almost bilingual German. (My vocab has been slipping lately. :/ I need to find someone to practice with.) And I’m a beginner for Japanese and French.
        Personally, French is the hardest. Hahaha! How about you? Found one to be more difficult than the others?

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