December Bullet Journal Set-Up

Whoops, just realised that this post was still sitting in my drafts instead of being published – just over halfway through the month!


I decided to go for a Christmas theme for this month’s spread, using red and green as my predominant colours. I didn’t have as much time as usual to doodle on my main page, but still added a few Christmas embellishments and drawings.

I decided to put my reading for December on the page facing my monthly spread as I feel that these are the two pages I use most often after the Habit and Expense tracker.

Despite only being my third month using the bullet journal (see October and November here) I already feel that I am starting to make changes and refine what I am including in order to suit me – I have found that I am not always keeping up with the weekly spreads, instead preferring just to have my ongoing ‘to-do’ list along with the habit tracker which I tick off each day. From January I would also like to try out something different for mood tracking e.g. creating a drawing and to record something positive for each day, especially when January is cold and dark and it can sometimes be hard to feel optimistic.

IMG_2821The beginning of this month was extremely stressful so the habits tracker is not looking as healthy as I would like, particularly with the fact that I (at the time this photo was taken) had not done any yoga at all! Considering that I used to do it at least once, if not three times a day and the beneficial effects it had on my physical and mental wellbeing, this is something that I need to make a priority.

I am doing better on reading, managing to read every day usually over breakfast, after work and before bed. Sleep has been slightly worse due to lots of work-related stress. The washing up, packed lunch and laying out clothes might seem like odd things to include but I really hate waking up to dirty washing in the sink and find that packing my lunch and laying out my clothes the night before really help me have a good start to the day.


The steps tracker is a new addition this month as I received a new mobile phone  for my birthday and it has an app which tracks your steps. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I regularly do 10, 000 steps in a normal day at school so can be considered ‘moderately active’ before doing anything extra!

I did manage to fall (stupidly, while standing on a chair to put something away in my classroom cupboard) and hurt my knee so am keeping most exercise low impact for the next week!

IMG_2822Need to get caught on some ARCs this month as went on another Netgalley requesting spree – someone please stop me!

We will be spending Christmas in Austria with Ben’s parents and it already looks like the suitcase will be full to bursting with the presents we are taking for his family. This leaves me limited space to take books so planning to load as many as possible onto my tablet in advance!

Here’s hoping for lots of reading over the Christmas holidays!

How is December treating you so far?

How have you chosen to create your bullet journal spread for this month?



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  1. Dani says:

    Great post! I’m hoping to get a bullet journal for Christmas so these ideas are helpful if that wish comes true! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am still experimenting with what I like and dislike so imagine it will evolve, but really enjoying the process! Hope your Christmas wish comes true!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love how festive this is, your snowglobe is especially gorgeous!
    Amy x


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