2017: My year in books

Farewell 2017 and welcome to 2018!

What have you read and enjoyed this year?

Here are some of mine!

I just joined Goodreads in April this year so this isn’t a record of everything I’ve read this year, but I have still found it fun looking back over the year and remembering some new favourites.

This year has been the year in which I have started reading more critically and writing reviews. I also discovered Netgalley and have read lots of books just before they have come out or just after – up until now my reading habits have mostly been led by random browsing the library or bookshop alongside recommendations from friends.





This is also my first time doing the Goodreads reading challenge – still have quite a few picture books I have read with my class which I haven’t added on here so planning to add even more next year.

I’m also curious about how many books I will manage to read in 2018 when I can start tracking from January instead of the end of April!

Here are the books I have read since April:


How was your year in books?

What are you looking forward to reading in 2018?

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  1. AJ says:

    Great selection of books! I’m inferring from your comment about a class that you’re a teacher…what grade do you teach? Happy New Year!

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    1. Yes, I’m a primary teacher in the U.K. – I teach Year 3 so aged about 7-8. It’s a great age group! I love reading books they have recommended and finding books to share with them 🙂

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      1. AJ says:

        Oh I’m a primary teacher in Canada. This year I have grade one which is 5-6-7 year olds:) we keep a list in the class of the books we’ve read, but I never thought of keeping it on goodreads!

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      2. It’s a great way to keep track of books we’ve liked as well as find recommendations for new ones. There are so many amazing books for this age group too – I believe that we’re never too old for picture books so I read a lot of them to my class. I also like to read books which are a bit harder than those they can access on their own so we can experience the stories together and build up our vocabulary. Has your class got any favourite books? You might also like my list of what we read in the run-up to Christmas this year: https://chrikarublog.wordpress.com/2017/12/26/guest-post-christmas-with-year-3-by-christina-of-chrikaru/

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      3. AJ says:

        I’ll for sure check that list out! Most of my lessons in math and language arts centre around a read aloud, but then I also read a novel to my class each term. I always pick one that has been made into a movie so we watch the movie just before the holiday and compare and contrast the book and movie. I have to admit I love Roald Dahl for my novel read alouds:)

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      4. That sounds great! I like linking books into my lessons, particularly for Maths or Science which don’t get a read-aloud as often as English. I always read ‘The Twits’ as our first class book, then go with the class’s interests. We just finished ‘The Worst Witch’ before Christmas and 5 of the class asked for the boxset of books for Christmas = one very happy teacher, job done! Have you any recommendations for read-alouds for Maths? Here are a few I used last year: https://chrikarublog.wordpress.com/2017/04/15/books-for-teaching-mathematical-concepts/
        Need to do an updated post as I have loads more now!

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      5. AJ says:

        Oh that’s great your students took off on reading the series. I’ve loved having that happen in previous years!! Do you have the children help with the reviews you write? I was just thinking that might be something I could add to my blog this new year:) (though I may just create a new Goodreads account for the class and do it there). I use a lot of books for math. I’ve been creating a binder of story problems that each have a read aloud attached to them. I’ll have to look when I go home though as my brain is on holiday mode right now 🤣


  2. Wow ! That’s a lot of books since April. I love the Goodreads stats. I need to take a look at mine.

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    1. I don’t feel that I have read as much as I usually do this year, but it has been interesting to track my reading with Goodreads because it has actually added up to quite a lot! As a teacher, I do read a lot of kids books which are often faster reads, but I have really enjoyed finding out more about the books my pupils are reading this year. Would love to see your books from this year too!


      1. You have a lovely selection on your list! I’ll be doing mine in the next day or so. Still recovering from flying home from New Zeland a couple of days ago.

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      2. Hope you get over the jet lag soon – always takes a few days! How was New Zealand? I have never been but lots of my friends have loved it (some so much that they now live there!) I will look out for your post!


      3. New Zealand was amazing. My parents, 2 siblings and aunt live out there. We had a great time but I am so ready for my own bed.

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      4. Yes, I understand that feeling – there is nothing like your own bed! It’s amazing that you have so many people in your family out there – do you get to visit often? What a lovely way to end the year!


      5. They moved out 8 years ago and this was our first visit! We will definitely go again but it’ll be a few years I think. It’s such an expensive and long flight.

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      6. Oh, that must have been an emotional reunion. I have travelled all over for work and it is always great to come home and see my family. It is hard when it is so far away and expensive though – I missed out on so many weddings, babies, etc. Will read through more of your blog posts about it tomorrow – looks beautiful! Happy New Year and enjoy your own bed!


      7. First time in 8 years me and all 3 siblings have been in the same room at the same time. We’ve seen them all at some point over those years but never all together


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