Multilingual flashcard: Icicle

Icicle in 10 languages for the last of the cold weather. Have you spotted any this year?

I still remember learning this word in Japanese when acting as a leader on a weekend camp for children aged 6 – 9, when we woke up to find the mountains around us buried in snow with icicle glimmering off the edges of the roofs.

‘Tsurara’ still remains one of my favourite words in Japanese because of the sound and the memories of wide-eyed children pointing in wonder!

multilingual flashcards icicle

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  1. AJ says:

    I have a request – any chance you could put how to say the words on your flashcards too? I would love to use them with my class, but have no idea how to say them. LOL

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    1. Is there any particular language you would like? I did think about adding audio clips to the blog post so you could click and listen to each word – would that be helpful? I also use for pronunciation and it is great! 🙂 Would love to see them being used in your class

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      1. AJ says:

        Ok I’ll check out that site! No particular language, just taking advantage of my students being sponges:)

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      2. I will definitely look into adding the audio samples in the blog post so you can listen to them. For your students, I would encourage them not to worry too much about pronunciation. Obviously, good pronunciation is important but it isn’t the end of the world as long as you are able to communicate your meaning! I did think of adding a phonetic pronunciations guide but shelved the idea after looking at how much more text there would be on the flashcard and thinking about whether or not to use IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) I am familiar with it, but not sure how many people are (I only learned it at university when studying linguistics!) Would it be helpful if the pronunciation was in the blog post rather than on the flashcard? Or could maybe make it so they could be printed doubled-sided…
        You have given me lots of food for thought!

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      3. AJ says:

        Oh I don’t want to give you more work! I completely see your point about having too much text on the flash card. It would be great to have the audio attached, if that’s simple to do:)

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      4. Cool, I will give it a go! And don’t worry, I love getting ideas and feedback!

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      5. AJ says:

        Oh good and please realize they are just ideas:)

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