Multilingual flashcard: Robin

Who doesn’t like to see a cheerful robin hopping around the garden in the winter?

multilingual flashcards robin

In the U.K. they are one of the most popular birds and seem relatively unafraid of humans, often appearing when a gardener is digging in the hope of catching a few worms. Robins feature in lots of folklore and stories, with some people believing that seeing a robin is the spirit of a relative who has passed away coming back to visit. In Norse mythology the robin is sacred to Thor and is called a ‘storm bird’.

The robin is also featured heavily on Christmas cards and there are a number of Christian stories to explain their distinctive red breasts; one saying that the robin sang into Jesus’s ear when he was on the cross and his blood stained their breast, another saying that the robin scorched his breast on the flames of hell when fetching water for souls stuck in Purgatory.

Have you spotted any robins near your house?

They are very territorial  and solitary so you won’t see them flocking together!

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a robin in real life but they’re my favourite bird I think (we get gulls and crows mainly, and they’re VERY menacing, a little gang hangs about McDonald’s and bully each other for scraps. We also get pigeons who try and mug you, which happened to me with a sausage roll).
    Amy xx

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    1. There’s a game in Brighton where you buy chips, put them on your head and see how far you can run without being mobbed by gulls (and they are MASSIVE there) and they eat all the chips! I like crows as they’re so smart! Robins are pretty cute although can be nasty to each other as they’re very territorial. We have quite a few near our house in Ireland and some near school too 🙂

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      1. You are like an actual embodiement of Harriet Manners with all your fabulous facts! I’ll give that game a wide berth if I ever go to Brighton xx

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      2. lol, I think that’s partly why I identified with her so strongly when I read the books – wish my geeky younger self had met her sooner! I haven’t played, but have seen people giving it a go along the seafront…

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      3. Someday, maybe, these facts will come in handy…

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      4. Thank you! Perhaps my blog can be a depository for the random facts I find!

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