Book Rainbow: Orange Books Part 2

Time for the next 4 books in the orange book pile. Orange doesn’t seem to be as popular a colour as many of the others – with black, white and red topping the pile, at least based on my bookshelves – but I still found that I had more orange books than I had expected.

See the first four books in the pile here.


Once again, I am ashamed to admit that I have only read 1 of these – The Language Instinct by Stephen Pinker which I read and reread at university when studying linguistics. Potter’s Boy and Sun Catcher are recent acquisitions, but The Gates has been on my shelves for a while so need to read it soon!

The Gates by John Connolly

A strange novel for strange young people.

Young Samuel Johnson and his dachshund Boswell are trying to show initiative by trick-or-treating a full three days before Hallowe’en. Which is how they come to witness strange goings-on at 666 Crowley Avenue.

The Abernathys don’t mean any harm by their flirtation with Satanism. But it just happens to coincide with a malfunction in the Large Hadron Collider that creates a gap in the universe. A gap in which there is a pair of enormous gates. The gates to Hell. And there are some pretty terrifying beings just itching to get out. . . .

Can Samuel persuade anyone to take this seriously? Can he harness the power of science to save the world as we know it?

Picked this up based on the author as I read The Book of Lost Things and loved it. It is a dark, twisted fairytale and well worth a read! Saw this in a local charity shop and grabbed it because it sounded like it might be interesting too. I didn’t know that it is the first book in a series, but ti still sounds like the kind of book I will enjoy so am bumping it up the TBR pile!


Potter’s Boy by Tony Mitton

An epic journey of self-discovery that will resonate with anyone searching for their place in the world.

A moving story about a boy who finds his true path whilst learning the importance of mindfulness and living in the moment, Potter’s Boy follows the story of Ryo. After witnessing a lone warrior scare bandits away from his village, Ryo sets his heart on training to become a hero.

Setting out on a journey to find his way in the world, his encounters with the people he meets leads him to a true understanding of what it means to follow his dreams.

Would probably have picked this up based on the cover and title if I had seen it in a local library. I actually came across it for the first time when book browsing on Charing Cross Road with the lovely Louise (of Book Murmuration) and she snaffled a copy. Soon after that I saw it being offered on Twitter so asked for it! It really sounds like a book I would enjoy and have heard positive things from a few people – need to read it soon!


Sun Catcher by Sheila Rance

A sweeping magical reality adventure inspired by the Bronze Age Far East, in which Maia undertakes a dangerous quest to find her place as a Sun Catcher and saviour of her people.

On her 13th birthday Maia, who has been brought up by Tareth, the weaver and warrior who she has always believed is her father, falls into an adventure that will take her on a perilous journey to a kingdom poisoned by bitterness and jealousies. A kingdom that she must save. Tareth is no ordinary weaver – the silk he weaves sings of destiny and danger, of Maia’s future. Because she is no ordinary girl either. She has always been the flame-headed outsider among the Cliff Dwellers, but she doesn’t want to listen to the song of the silk, or to the terrifying words of the village Watcher. Guarding her secret, denying her future, Maia steps into places she has never explored where she’ll encounter mercenaries, spies, friends and enemies. And where she will face her destiny as a Sun Catcher.

Exotically located in the Far East in an age when trading and communities were gaining more exposure to a wider world than ever before, this debut novel is beautifully, richly written, thoroughly researched and a pleasure to read.

Had never heard of this before, but picked it up in my local library book sale for only a few pence. It sounds like my cup of tea as I have a soft spot for fantasy, even if a few things in the summary run the risk of cliche. I will give it a go!


The Language Instinct by Stephen Pinker

The classic book on the development of human language by the world’s leading expert on language and the mind.

In this classic, the world’s expert on language and mind lucidly explains everything you always wanted to know about language: how it works, how children learn it, how it changes, how the brain computes it, and how it evolved. With deft use of examples of humor and wordplay, Steven Pinker weaves our vast knowledge of language into a compelling story: language is a human instinct, wired into our brains by evolution. The Language Instinct received the William James Book Prize from the American Psychological Association and the Public Interest Award from the Linguistics Society of America. This edition includes an update on advances in the science of language since The Language Instinct was first published.

Despite many parts of this book now being queried, it is still a seminal text and I can’t imagine many students of languages or linguistics making it through higher education without coming across this book. It s incredibly densely-paced and, at times, hard going, but has some fascinating ideas. It’s not the friendliest of introductions to linguistics, but worth a try if you want to learn more!

bookshelf rainbow

So, what did you think of another sneak peek at the contents of my bookshelves?

Are there any books here that you have read? Or would like to read?

I am discovering that I seem to have quite a few more unread books on my shelves that I had thought…


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  1. I read Sun Catcher YEARS ago and really wasn’t a fan, but hope you enjoy it!
    Amy x


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