Multilingual flashcard: Giraffe

Giraffe in 10 languages.

multilingual flashcards giraffe

The name is believed to have come from the Arabic zarafa or the Somali geri. The old English name was camelopard, coming from the Ancient Greek and Roman belief that it was a hybrid of a camel and a leopard. I love that the direct translation of the Chinese is a ‘long-necked deer’! In Irish, the ‘si’ is pronounced ‘sh’ so the overall sound is very similar to most other European languages, most of which are believed to be descended from the French ‘le giraffe’

I have always been fascinated by these strange, gangly yet elegant creatures. There are a collection of folktales telling how the giraffe’s neck became so long. They have also appeared in artwork – I found out recently that the largest petroglyph in the world is of two giraffes! They have been afforded high status in various cultures, including the Chinese who thought it might be a qilin, a mythological creature. The Ancient Egyptians even gave the giraffe its own hieroglyph.

Giraffes are listed as ‘vulnerable’ which is one step away from endangered and there are estimated just over 100,000 in the world, including those in the wild and in captivity.

How is your language learning going this year?


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  1. Giraffes are brilliant. I have a really sweet bookmark with them on, and I got compared to them tons when I was young as I’m so tall! Hope you’re okay, not chatted with you much last week 😊
    Amy xx

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    1. How tall are you? I do like giraffes too! Although I am very very short…
      Have had a busy few weeks and been a bit stressed with work (have been there for at least 12 hours a day every day for the past few weeks) but I’m okay! Counting down to half-term! How are you? Are your exams all over now?

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      1. I was 4 foot odds when I was 7, and now at 16 am roughly 5 10 I believe. That sounds hardgoing at work! No, still not over, though they are meant to be. Things have went wrong again, (VERY) long story x

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      2. Sorry to hear that, let’s have a catch up this week and I hope things get sorted soon. I’m only 5′ 2″ (or 5′ 3″ if I stretch!) I now know who to ask the next time I can’t reach something on the top shelf…

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      3. I shall DM you on Twitter shortly 💜 x

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