Free Language Courses on Futurelearn

I love MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)!

Before I started my current job, I used to study lots of different courses and I am determined to get back into it again as I really enjoyed all the new knowledge and skills I gained from them.

Today I’m going to introduce a few courses for language learning available on Futurelearn.

All of the courses are free to access for a certain number of weeks and you can choose to pay for unlimited access and a certificate if you want to.

If you need more reasons to learn a language, have a read here about the cognitive benefits!

And, if you’re feeling inspired, why not check out my multilingual flashcards where you can learn 10 languages at a time with pretty images!

Introduction to Korean from Hanyang University

colourful hangul

6 week course, with an estimated time required of 3 hours study a week

I’m going to be doing this course over half-term and posting updates as I go.

Korean learning is something that has really fallen off my timetable in the last year and I am determined to get back into it again! It is designed for complete beginners but it never hurts to have a refresher and I am sure that I will pick up some new vocabulary and grammar.

The free option gives you access to the course for 8 weeks.

See more resources for learning Korean here, listen to a Korean learning podcast here , learn to read hangeul here, learn The Top 25 Korean phrases here or learn Korean through music here.

Introduction to Irish from Dublin City University

irish harp

3 week course, with an estimated time required of 3 hours study a week

Great to see a course for Irish as there are not that many free language learning resources out there for it. Despite lots of initiatives to protect Irish, it is still declining in lots of areas and I would like to see it growing even more. Because I went to an international school, we learned English and French but very little Irish. I feel like I should speak more of the language as it really should be MY language.

See more resources for learning Irish here.

Italian for Beginners from The Open University


Each course will last 4 weeks with an estimated study time of 4 hours a week

There will be six courses (the first three are listed on the website so you can sign up and receive notifications before they begin). I already speak Italian so have not done these courses, but it is a beautiful language with amazing culture and history so I would recommend dipping your toe in and learning a bit!

The free option gives you access to this course for 6 weeks.

See more resources for learning Italian here.

Introduction to Norwegian from The University of Oslo


This is a 4 week course with an estimated required study time of 5 hours a week

I know very little about Norwegian or other Scandinavian languages and the study materials are scarce in the UK. I am intrigued by this so might give it a go, just to get a taste for the language!

The free option gives you access to this course for 6 weeks.

Spanish for Beginners from The Open University

Spain 98

Similarly to the Italian course, this is the first in a planned 6 courses with each course lasting for 4 weeks and recommending 4 hours of study a week.

All my Italian friends say that I should learn Spanish as I would find it relatively easy after learning Italian. However, my Italian grammar is rusty enough as it is without introducing another very similar language so I am a little unsure…

I definitely find that I understand a lot of the vocabulary when watching a Spanish movie but the grammar seems quite different.

Still, Spanish is more widely spoken than Italian so it would be a useful language to learn, particularly if I can add it to Chinese and English, therefore covering the Top 3 most widely-spoken languages in the world.

I also really want to travel to South America so Spanish would help a lot!

I think it’s fantastic that all of these courses are available to study for free and I am definitely planning to do the Korean and Irish courses this year.

Did you see any languages that you would like to learn?

Will you be signing up for any of these courses?

Please let me know in the comments and we could be study buddies!


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  1. I would love to learn Irish and Italian!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good luck! They are both beautiful languages!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I bet! I hope I can learn at least one. I couldn’t comprehend Spanish, but I want to travel to Ireland and Italy, and I think it would be respectful on my part to at least attempt to learn Italian, and I think I would just love Irish even though I wouldn’t need it in Ireland.


  2. Wonderful opportunities. Thanks for sharing these. I’ve never come across an Irish one.


  3. Yeah, Italian and Spanish have many similarities☺️


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