Multilingual flashcard: Deer

Deer in 10 languages for your daily language learning.

multilingual flashcards deer


These beautiful creatures can be seen in almost every country – the only continents on which they were not originally found were Australia and Antarctica!

They have been an important source of food, antler and skin since prehistoric times and are depicted in prehistoric art. They also appear in various stories and on coats of arms.

In Nara, in Japan, deer are revered and wander wild through the streets – you can even buy some deer food to give them, but be careful that they don’t steal your picnic too! In Shintoism they are believed to be messengers from the gods and you can often find some wandering near Shinto shrines.


This is the other half enjoying meeting some of the sacred deer in Nara, Japan.


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  1. I adore deer! They’re so sweet 💜

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