Cover Reveal! Deep Blue by Jane O’Reilly

high res cover

Deep Blue

Written by Jane O’Reilly

336 pages

Published by Piatkus

Publication date: 11th September 2018

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This is the second book in The Second Species Trilogy – find out more about Book 1, Blue Shift, here.


Date: 27th September 2188. Vessel: The Alcatraz 2. Prison Ship Location: UNKNOWN

Jinnifer Blue opens her eyes to find herself in a ship that is the source of her darkest nightmares. Her plan to expose the horrific truth behind the government’s secret Second Species programme has failed, and now she’s being turned into a weapon by her worst enemy . . . her mother.

At the other end of the galaxy Caspian Dax, ferocious space pirate and Jinn’s sometime lover, is facing an even more terrifying fate. He’s being forced to fight in the arena on Sittan, a pitiless, ruthless alien landscape where blood is the only prize that matters. They will use him, destroy him, change him.

Jinn has only one chance – to go to Sittan and find Dax before his mind is completely destroyed. She must rely on her friends and one old enemy, leave her beloved ship the Mutant behind, and travel to a hostile planet. But hardest of all, she must keep faith that when she finds Dax, there will be something left of the man she knew.

One thing’s for sure: the fight has only just begun.

‘I was addicted from the first page! An intriguing story line with interesting characters and a different view of the future and of space travel.’

Amazon reviewer

‘This is one fabulous sci-fi story with a brilliantly well realised futuristic world’ Reading Revelations

Find out more about Jane O’Reilly on her website * Twitter * Facebook * Instagram

I hadn’t heard of this trilogy before but it looks fascinating so am adding it to the to-be-read pile!

Don’t the two covers look great next to each other?

I can’t wait to see what Book 3 will look like!

What do you think of the cover?

Are you planning to read this trilogy?

What is your favourite sci-fi book?

Let me know in the comments!

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    1. It is cool, isn’t it? I’m looking out for the first book in this series now to read it!

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  1. Amazingly beautiful cover!

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    1. Isn’t it great? I think book cover designers have really stepped up their game in recent years!

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