Multilingual flashcard: Princess

Princess in 10 languages

With the royal wedding just this weekend past, there has been lots in the media about how Meghan Markle has achieved every little girl’s dream about becoming a princess. I’m sure everyone has dreamt at some stage of their parents not really being their parents, but actually a long-lost royal family, etc, but does every little girl really dream of becoming a princess? I dreamt of becoming an author, a vet, a doctor, an explorer, an archaeologist…and many other things too! What was your childhood dream?

multilingual flashcards princess

Regardless of whether or not you dreamed of becoming a princess (or prince!), I imagine that it won’t be long before you come across this word in your target language as so many books and TV shoes are based around stories involving royalty.

Have you seen any great TV shows or read any books on this theme that you would recommend?

Did you dream of becoming a princess or a fairytale wedding?

How is your language learning going?

Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading

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  1. savageddt says:

    Prinses in Afrikaans- theres 11🙂

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