Multilingual flashcard: Queen

Queen in 10 languages

Continuing with the royal theme after prince, princess and king over the past week or two, with queen in 10 languages.

multilingual flashcards queen

The current Queen of England is Elizabeth II and she is one of only two currently reigning queens in the world – the other is Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. In contrast, there are currently 15 reigning kings (including the Pope who is Head of State for the Vatican). It is funny how few states now have monarchies – for us in the U.K. it seems very normal to have a queen, but it is actually quite unusual.

I feel like this vocabulary will be useful for you when learning another language because of queens in history, books or other popular media. What do you think? Is is a word you have already used or might use in your target language?

How is your language learning going?

Which topics would you like to see in the multilingual flashcards?

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  1. savageddt says:

    Koningin in afrikaans🙂

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