Multilingual flashcard: Crown

Crown in 10 languages

multilingual flashcards crown

Special headgear has been used to denote royalty or importance since ancient times – for example, the headdresses worn by the Ancient Egyptians to symbolise kingship or the laurel wreath used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans to symbolise victory in sporting events or war. Crowns are often used as symbols for the monarchy (see some other related flashcards here: King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Castle, Moat, Royalty)

There are a lot of books which feature royalty as the main characters so I hope that these flashcards come in handy whenever you are reading books in your target language!

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  1. savageddt says:

    Kroon for Afrikaans🙂

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    1. Thank you! It sounds quite similar to the English!

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