Interview with Rebecca Cobb, illustrator of The Day War Came by Nicola Davies

I read this fantastic book, The Day War Came, yesterday and intend on sharing it with my pupils in school. This fascinating interview gives an insight into the process that illustrator, Rebecca Cobb, went through to turn this poem into a stunningly-illustrated picture book. Thank you to Acorn Books!

Acorn Books

The Day War Came, a poem written by Nicola Davies was originally published in The Guardian in response to the UK government denying entry to child refugees in 2016. It sparked the project #3000chairs which invited people to post images of an empty chair on social media. The poem has now been turned into a picture book, illustrated by one of the many people who shared an image of an empty chair, Rebecca Cobb and published by Walker Books.

The Day War Came Rebecca Cobb Nicola Davies Walker Books

Written from a child’s point of view, Nicola Davies’s poem describes the devastation war causes when it arrives, out of the blue, in this little girl’s innocent life. One morning everything was normal, flowers on the windowsill, drawing pictures at school but by the afternoon, war was here and everything changed.

Finding herself scared and alone she begins to run, searching for safety. But no matter how far she…

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