Your name in books!

Can you make your name using book titles?

I have seen a few people doing this and thought it would be fun…but had no idea that it would be so hard!

Here goes:


I decided to restrict myself only to books I physically have on my bookshelf and to books I love so this could also be a recommendations list. If you’ve been around on this blog for a while, you will probably recognise lots of these titles!

I was worried that ‘I’ would be the most difficult letter to find, especially as I have two, but I found them in very little time…the one that took the longest was ‘N’ (because Nyxia is currently in my partner’s reading pile rather than on the shelf!). I am also aware that I have cheated slightly with The Storm Keeper’s Island, but there are lots of titles starting with ‘S’ and I really wanted to include this one!

C – Cuckoo Song – I love this story of changelings very much!

H – Hold Back The Stars – a brilliant sci-fi romance which will have you weeping (see my  review here)

R – Reckless –  One of my favourite books of all time where a boy searching for his father finds that all the fairytales are true (How have I NOT written a review for this yet?!)

I – Invisible Library – Another favourite, where librarians travel through alternate universes to retrieve rare copies of books.

S – Storm Keeper’s Island – just amazing, one of the best books I have read this year! (see my review here, read the first 3 chapters or see my interview with the author )

T – Tithe – my first introduction to urban fantasy and one of the first writers I came across who really dug into the darker side of fairytales.

I – Invisible Cities – this book is a masterpiece of imagination and I credit it, in part, for my itchy feet and wanderlust!

N – Nyxia – dark sci-fi with an irresistible narrator  (see my review here)

A – Ascension – Six girls and six boys, on their way to Mars to start a new human colony, each with their own reasons for leaving Earth (see my review here)

I would recommend every book in the list very highly – let me know what you thought if you’ve read them!

What would your name be in books?

Have you read any of the books I have shared above?

Which letter do you think would be the most difficult to find on your bookshelf?

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Thanks for reading!

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  1. I’d find this both very easy due to my name only having 3 letters, and quite hard as well as I’m currently struggling to think of a book to fit Y! I finished Storm Keeper’s Island yesterday and I enjoyed it 😊
    Amy x

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    1. I read a book yesterday called, You Only Live Once (Could be your Y!) by Jess Vallance.
      It’s recommended for fans of Geek Girl so I imagine that you would enjoy it! I really liked it!
      Glad you enjoyed Storm Keeper’s Island. I’m also glad I read it when i did because I was craving something just like it and our experience of books depends so much on our feelings at the time.

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      1. It took me ages to read due to a few reasons, but I enjoyed it. I’m intrigued by YOLO but also scared because it’s been so heavily compared to Geek Girl, which makes me more than a little wary as I love those so much…
        I’ll probably try it at some point! X

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      2. I think Geek Girl still holds the crown, but YOLO is better than I was expecting. Unlike Harriet, the main character, Grace, is quite normal academically and has to work hard to do well in school, which she finds really tiring. At first I wasn’t hooked, then the emotions grabbed me at page 130…

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  2. Such a cute idea. I still need to read The Storm Keeper’s Island. It’s on my TBR pile. 🙂

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    1. Read it, read it, read it! lol


  3. AJ says:

    So neat! I will have to try this:)

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  4. This looks like such a fun post! I’m going to have to try it out on my blog!

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    1. Would love to see it!

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