Six for Sunday: Favourite Blog Posts

Six for Sunday: Favourite Blog Posts that you have written

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This is quite a hard prompt to think of answers for…

I have been book blogging for a year now, plus have several posts on language learning, teaching, travel and lifestyle. I have been attempting to post every day, with a mixture of book reviews, tags, multilingual flashcards and other interesting topics.

According to wordpress insights, my most-viewed post of all time is a multilingual flashcard for how to say penguin in 10 languages. I had no idea that penguins were so popular, although I can see why!

Here, in no particular order, are 6 posts which I am proud of:

Netgalley 101: A Guide for Beginners

This is exactly the kind of thing I wished I had seen when I first joined Netgalley, as I ended up requesting far too many books and some archived before I could even download them. I hope that this post is helpful!

Roald Dahl-themed Math resources

I worked really hard on these, both creating them and writing the post with ideas for how they could be used or adapted. I love using books in Maths, particularly as lots of people use texts as a central theme in English, but it can be just as effective in other subjects too. I have linked all of the resources here and they are free to download, so I hope they are useful for you! We used these in a Roald Dahl-themed Book Week, but you could use them at any point if you like!

Oliver Jeffers at the V&A

This was an excellent talk and I got to meet Oliver afterwards which was fantastic. Once again, I worked hard on this post and would like to convert some more people into Oliver Jeffers’ fans…because, how could you not love his picture books?

Folklore and Fantasy: An Evening with Melinda Salisbury, Samantha Shannon and Lisa Lueddecke

Another write-up of an author event, the first that I visited since starting blogging and a truly fascinating panel!

Harry Potter-themed multilingual flashcards

I did a series of these, with words from the Harry Potter universe translated into 10 languages. They didn’t really get that much attention, but I worked really hard on them and am proud of them anyway! (You can see all of them by clicking here)

Korean through Music

I did a few posts in this, with the intention of maybe making a series. We listen to songs we love over and over again, making them perfect for learning and embedding new vocabulary. I haven’t done any posts like this for a while, but am still using songs to learn languages so I wonder if I should…

J-Min – Stand Up

TVXQ – Off Road

Big Bang – Let’s Not Fall in Love

I also have loads of language learning posts from when I first started this blog, some of which aren’t too bad (if I say so myself!) but have almost no views or likes…

Like any skill (hopefully!) blogging should get better with practise so I hope that I can continue to improve my skills from now on!

What is your favourite blog post that you have written?

Leave a link in the comments and I will give it some love!

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  1. AJ says:

    I like your six for Sunday posts too!
    I think I like my series I did while on holidays in Boston, but it was when I first started my blog so of course, not many people saw it.


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